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The Bodybuilding or Aesthetic Preparation  is addressed to athletes or amateurs, women or men who wish to improve their physical and aesthetic condition through resistance training, pursuing the increase in muscle mass, body recomposition or weight loss, with the ultimate aim of pleasing themselves or participating in natural bodybuilding competitions.

Methods of carrying out:


1. Analysis and evaluation of the initial situation:
  • Body screening

  • Training experience

  • Lived in sports

  • Lifestyle

3. Monthly training coaching

  • Individual training session

  • Physical tests


2. Monthly Check
  • Body composition analysis

  • Evaluation operated

4. Personalized monthly training program
5. Nutrition management (on request)
6. Weekly feedback (with compilation
on shared file)
7. Possible coaching sessions  additional


If the  Bodybuilding and Aesthetic Preparation is  the training program you were looking for you can contact me to book and ask for more information at the Book now button!

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