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The Personal Training Preparation is addressed​  to anyone who wants to improve their physical condition at a functional and aesthetic level, with individual training or in small groups, carried out at each session with their coach at their side!  


1. Analysis and evaluation of the initial situation:
  • Body screening

  • Training experience

  • Lived in sports

  • Lifestyle


2. Monthly Check
  • Body composition analysis

  • Evaluation operated

Methods of carrying out:

3. Monthly training coaching

  • Individual or small group training sessions depending on the package chosen

PACKAGES of individual or small group sessions

  • Pack of 10 sessions
  • Pack of 20 sessions
  • Pack 3 months, twice a week
  • Pack 3 months, 3 times a week 

4. Nutrition management (on request)


If the Personal Training  is  the training program you were looking for you can contact me to book and ask for more information at the Book now button!

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